Bora is the north wind blowing on the Adriatic Sea. Cold and violent, It announces Winter´s arrival. The Winter, and bad weather in general, are the enemy of those who enjoy riding their scooter on daily basis. The best way to dominate it is to face it.

BORA: Scooter leg covers to face the bad weather.


BORA offers, through its products, concrete solutions to the drawbacks of mobility in two-wheeled vehicles, mainly scooters.

We believe that these vehicles improve the traffic flow in the big cities and help to reduce harmful emissions to the environment and we would like to contribute to expand its frequency of use. Through our scooter leg covers can be used even on days when the weather is adverse.


We bet on innovation. We develop products that combine technology and design. This commitment allows us to offer our clients scooter leg covers with better functional performance, and at the same time, that fit their style.


We know that a brand that wants to last in time has to be honest. That´s the reason why we offer products that meet and even exceed the expectation of our customers. To that end, to maintain the highest standards of quality:

  • We select first-tier suppliers
  • We submit our products to laboratory testing to ensure they meet and exceed European standards (CE)
  • We test our products in real conditions before go to market